Basic Education Information that ALL COLORADO REALTORS® should know.

The CREC Annual Update Class – It’s no wonder that most of you are confused about this class as the commission keeps changing the requirements on this one! However, as it stands, All REALTORS® are required to take this course EVERY YEAR. The commission, also known as the Division of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), will make available an updated version of this class every January. DAAR will schedule a CREC Annual Update class once every quarter to help ensure that REALTORS® meet this requirement before their license expires. However, timing still might not work out for some of you, in which case your other option is to take it online at sites like The CE Shop, VANED or at another board.

Education Requirements – You are required to complete within each of your 3 year licensing periods 24 hours of Continuing Education (CE). Of those 24hrs. ,12 of them will be the CREC Annual Update Class that you are required to complete every year (these are 4hr classes, hence, 4hrs x 3 = 12). You may chose any electives you wish for the remaining 12hrs as long as they count toward CE credit. Continuing Education Classes are available at DAAR and other boards but you may also take classes online. You are not required to submit proof when you renew your license that you have completed your 24hrs of education. However, should you be audited by the commission you will need to submit all your certificates.

Tracking your Education – There is no single entity, except YOU, that keeps track of all the education you have taken. You can access your education transcript through the CAR website but it will only display the classes you took through CAR and VANED. It is important that you keep a file during each of your 3 year licensing periods of your certificates so that if you were to be audited you’re not scrambling around last minute trying to remember what you took 2 years ago and from whom and so forth. To access your Education Transcript on CAR’s website go to Log in with your email address and your NRDS#, click on Education and then select History/Transcripts.

Ethics – Besides the CREC Annual Update Class, Ethics is the only other REQUIRED class that must be taken by all REALTORS. NAR and DAAR require that you take this course once every quadrennial period. The next quadrennial period will start in January of 2013. That means you should have taken it at least once between January of 2009 and December of 2012 and you’ll need to take it at least once between January 2013 and December of 2016 and so forth for each quadrennial period. You may take the 6hr Ethics and Professional Practices class, the 4hr NAR Ethics class or take the 2.5hr class online at NAR’s website to meet this requirement.
For any additional information on any of these education topics please contact DAAR at 970- 247-9604.