Forest Lakes Covenants & General Information


TO: Realtors listing in Forest Lakes
From: Brian Sheffield, FLMD Manager
Re: Forest Lakes Covenants and General Information
Date: July 14, 2017

This memorandum is submitted to provide clarification and information to any realtor doing business in the Forest Lakes Subdivision. Due to the notable number of calls we get regarding confusion with potential buyers, we thought it might be helpful to clarify some issues that seem to cause some confusion. Please take note of the following facts:

  1. Although the HOA for the subdivision dissolved some years ago, covenants still exist for units within the Forest Lakes. Copies of the covenants for each unit in Forest Lakes is located on our website at
  2. Because of the dissolution of the prior Forest Lakes Property Owner’s Association (POA), that entity is not active and does not enforce covenants at this time. It is important to know that the covenants originally created and implemented for the subdivision still exist and should be followed. Although the FLMD is not an enforcement body for the covenants, the District recognizes and supports their existence and will operate within those parameters.
  3. When listing your lot in the MLS, please note the following:
    • No Mobile Homes are allowed in Forest Lakes – includes Tiny Homes.
    • Minimum square footage for a home is 1,200 square feet.
    • If a water and/or sewer main is not running in front of the property, please list lot as
      ” services are not available”.
    • If a lot has a pre-paid tap fee, that does not necessarily mean the water and/or sewer is
      available. Please confirm tap status, prior to listing, with FLMD by emailing or
    • If an individual is looking for a lot to place an RV, please refer to the covenants as there
      are certain conditions that apply.
    • FLMD will not provide water to a lot unless an approved sewer/septic system is installed.
  4. Sewer and/or water main extension requests could be required for some properties that do not have services within connection distance. Please note that a main extension request must be submitted one (1) year prior to planned building and are subject to board review and approval/denial. Check our website for information on the main extension process.
  5. A significant number of lots are connected to our water, but have their own individual septic system. Please check with us on any sewer system related questions on properties and visit our website for additional sewer information.
  6. Unit III has no infrastructure with the exception of a rough-cut dirt road that is not maintained or plowed any time of the year. It will likely be a very long time before services reach this unit at the top of the mountain as we continue to complete the infrastructure needed in Units 1, 2 and 5.
  7. Please be informative with clients regarding potential rock content in soil conditions. We receive calls from new lot owners experiencing high costs for digging in rocky terrain they were not aware of. Understandably, buyers should educate themselves, but realtors can also help prevent buyer disappointments.
  8. Some lots may not have power run to the location yet; please refer your clients to La Plata Electric for this information because this can get very costly.
  9. The gas company that services Forest Lakes is Black Hills Energy.

This memo was drafted for general informational purposes and should not be interpreted to be legal advice. Anyone seeking legal recommendation with a situation or incident is strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel of his/her own choosing.

I hope this information helps to answer some of the questions that surface in the real estate business. I am also providing a copy of our “Forest Lakes Guide” which can also be found on our website. Please call the office at 970-884-2925 if there are additional questions.


Brian Sheffield
FLMD Manager


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