AWARDS Criteria


This is a one time AWARD.  Criteria: Based on the last 12 months as a DAAR member
Board Activity – 40%  Board office and committee work, handling of special assignments, seminar activity, educational work, and membership / offices held in local chapters of institutes, councils, and societies.
Civic Activity – 25%  Local, state, and national participation in civic and service organizations, charitable activities, political commissions, fraternal & religious groups.
REALTOR® Spirit – 20%  High principles, faithfulness to laws and regulations of the Code of Ethics and the member Board, and furtherance of principles of good real estate practice among other brokers and the general public.
Business Accomplishments – 15%  Recognized good business conduct, service to clients, imaginative and creative advertising programs, rehabilitation work, land utilization, etc.
If there is not a clear choice, the AWARD does not need to be presented this year.


2017 Shane Dawson 2005 Ted Talmon 1992 Jim Wotkyns
2016 Jerome Bleger 2003 Paula Schaefer 1991 Glenn Luchies
2015 Cathy Craig 2002 Geoff Overington 1990 Rich Berger
2014 Kelly Kniffin 2000 Lois Surmi 1989 John Wells
2013 Denise Storm 1999 Larry Turner 1988 Debra Parmenter
2012 Jarrod Nixon 1998 Susan Siegele 1987 Norma Engman
2011 Heather Erb 1997 Sandy Cooper 1986 Omar Richardson
2010 Don Ricedorff 1996 Lee Campbell 1985 Joy Clark
2009 Mark Donahue 1995 John Ralph 1984 Lou Clark
2007 Dave Maclaird 1994 Gina Piccoli 1983 Ned Jefferies
2006 Samantha Gallant 1993 John Mankins

COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD (Formerly Alton Dorsett Award)

This AWARD will be presented to any person (member or non-member) who has made a substantial contribution to the area regarding real estate and/or housing.  This AWARD may be presented more than once to the same person.  If there is not a clear choice, the AWARD does not need to be presented for this year.



2017 Terry Hutchison 2016 Kelsey Cline 2007 Sheri Rochford 1998 Bill Evans
2015 Christina Rinderle 2006 Bill Mashaw 1997 John Gamble
2014 John Wells 2005 Emil Wanaka 1995 Pete Turner
2013 Regional Housing Alliance 2004 Tim Cooney 1994 Ron Pettigrew
2012 Justin Osborn 2003 Mary Nicholson 1993 O.M. “Will” Williams
2011 The Glacier Club 2002 Tina Pernosky 1992 Cathy Crum
2010 Peggy Schumann 2001 Pat Stull 1991 Rob Ptolemy
2009 Reid Ross 2000 Kathy Hodges 1990 Janie McLaughlin
2008 Tierra Group 1999 Kathy Ray Burgess 1989 Sandra Hilton

OUTSTANDING AFFILIATE AWARD (Formerly John Newton Memorial Award)

This AWARD honors an Affiliate Member (business or individual) who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the welfare of the Association.  This AWARD may be presented more than once to the same business or individual.  If there is not a clear choice, the AWARD does not need to be presented this year.


2017 Josh Neiman – Land Title Guarantee 2009 Bill Lambert 2001 Rob Ptolemy
2016 The Glacier Club 2008 JR Spies 2000 Terry Robertson
2015 1st National Bank of Durango 2007 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 1999 David Fountain
2014 Rob Ptolemy – Colorado Land Title 2006 Art Chase 1998 Paul Root
2013 Stewart Title 2005 Carrie Griffin 1997 Jones Real Estate College
2012 Aaron Diem Real Est. Col. 2004 Judy Malone 1996 Northwest Mortgage
2011 Tim Robinson 2003 Suzi Loether
2010 David Fountain 2002 Margie Sittner



This AWARD fills the void of honoring continued service to the Association by someone who may have already been given an AWARD, or for distinguished service that does not fit any of the other AWARD criteria. This would be awarded to an Association member for outstanding community or board activities at the discretion of the outgoing President.


2017 TBA 2012 Terry Hutchison 2004 Lois Surmi
2016 Gina Piccoli 2011 Tim Cooney 2003 Kathy Holmes
2016 Jim Wotkyns 2011 Lois Surmi 2002 Lee Campbell
2015 Jarrod Nixon 2010 Suzi Loether 2002 Gina Piccoli
2015 Amanda Erickson 2010 Samantha Gallant 2001 Debra Parmenter
2015 Jo Ann Johnston 2009 Gina Piccoli 2001 Larry Turner
2015 Phylicia Rohde 2008 John Gillam 2000 Pat Joan and Connie
2014 Denise Storm 2007 Lois Surmi 1999 Gina Piccoli
2014 Amanda Erickson 2006 Sandy Cooper
2013 Jo Ann Johnston 2006 Geoff Overington
2013 Jarrod Nixon 2005 John Gillam
2012 Lindsay Lubrant 2004 Gina Piccoli



This is a one-time award honoring a member in good standing for their first two years as a member of the Association.  The criteria for selecting Rookie of the Year will be based on the member’s pursuit of education, REALTOR® involvement, Board activity including committees, Association meetings and fund raisers, ethical conduct and business accomplishments.  This award need not be presented unless there is a clear choice.


2017 Nicole Sorensen 2009 Gayle Webster 2001 Lisa Christensen
2016 Aaron Schenk 2008 Nicole Perino 2000 Susan Kemmerly
2015 Melanie Cordes 2007 Shaheen Hangval 1999 Katie Ogier
2014 Kelsey Cline 2006 Jarrod Nixon 1998 Geoff & Karen Overington
2013 Isaac Fleener 2005 Jessica Onions
2012 Carrie Summers-Baikie 2004 Lisa Govreau
2012 Patricia Simonton 2003 Michael Howard
2011 Christina Rinderle 2002 Robin Williams


Named in honor of Past President, Paula Schaefer, this award will be presented to a REALTOR® member who embodies REALTOR® spirit. The recipient will be an active REALTOR® member having a sales production level for the past 12 months that positions them in the top 50%. They will be actively involved on at least one association committee, involved in Community Service either inside or outside the association, be a PSF contributor, attend at least 2 DAAR sponsored events, and working to expand their knowledge by taking classes towards additional CAR/NAR recognized designations.


2017 Chris Bettin 2011 Jerome Bleger 2005 Kathy Holmes
2016 Jarrod Nixon 2010 Heather Erb 2004 Chuck Muir
2015 Jim Wotkyns 2009 Sandy Cooper
2014 Debra Parmenter 2008 Samantha Gallant
2013 Russ Smith 2007 Don Ricedorff
2012 Denise Storm 2006 Debra Parmenter