What’s the difference between the XpressKEY and the eKEY?



The XpressKey is a separate independent device. It remains updated by connecting wirelessly to a compatible cellular network. It communicates with the Supra network on a regular basis to automatically update your XpressKey, send and receive showing notifications, and receive messages. The LCD screen on the front displays menu options, codes, and messages.


2017 Annual Fee:  $253.65 in April and prorated after April
Optional Annual Insurance: $29.00



The eKEY software uses your Smartphone as your Lockbox key. You may choose from many different Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry & iPhone devices. The eKEY updates wirelessly so you can do business anywhere. There are two service levels available: eKEY Basic which provides basic Lockbox functions, and eKEY Professional adds MLS data saved to your phone, links Google maps to the listings, and delivers showing details to your phone.  The most recent versions use Bluetooth technology to communicate with the lockbox, i.e, you do not need a FOB to access the lockbox.


2017 Activation Fee: $50.00
Monthly Fee: $16.26 (Basic), $23.95 (Professional) that it automatically debited from your credit card or checking account.




How to get a lockbox:

Lockboxes are assigned to each offices’ Designated Broker. Each office has their own inventory that the Association owns but the office keeps on hand for Agents. The Designated Brokers are required to keep track of their inventory and report to the Association when asked.


What to do if you are transferring offices and you would like to take your lockboxes with you:

If an agent is transferring to another office, it shall be determined by the Designated Broker whether an agent leaving an office should return their lockboxes or transfer them with their listings. Should the Designated Realtor decide to transfer lockboxes to an agent, they are responsible for informing the Association of this change in their inventory within 30 days of the transfer. Failure to inform the Association office will result in replacement compensation from that Designated Realtor.


What to do if a lockbox is lost, stolen or damaged:

If a lockbox is lost/stolen or damaged lockboxes it needs to be reported to DAAR as soon as possible. If a replacement is issued for a lost or stolen lockbox, the participant will be charged an amount equal to the association’s replacement cost. If a previously lost or stolen lockbox is found within 60 days, the participant will be refunded $60 per lockbox. Damaged lockboxes will be replaced at no cost to the participant provided the damage was not caused by the participant. If there is any intentional damage the participant will be charged for replacements costs. If a lockbox is defective and has to be cut off a listing the agent must bring the lockbox into the association so that we may send it back to Supra for replacement. If a damaged or defective lockbox is not returned to the association office and the agent or office disposes of it, the office will be charged for replacement costs.