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Jennifer Sokol Cole & Company jsokol@colepartners.net 1/5/2017 Realtor
Andrew Hicks West Rock Realty, LLC andyhicksdenver@gmail.com 1/5/2017 Realtor
Erin Beezley Durango Land & Homes erinb@durangob.net 1/5/2017 Realtor
Aubrey Lane Keller Williams aubreylane@kw.com 1/5/2017 Realtor
Wendy Barney Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s wendy@homesdurango.com 1/5/2017 Realtor
Jon Sigillito Exit Realty Home & Ranch jonsigillito@gmail.com 1/5/2017 Realtor
Lindsay Lubrant Glacier Realty llubrant@theglacierclub.com 1/5/2017 Realtor
Mike Dirschl Keller Williams michael.dirschl@kw.com 1/10/2017 Realtor
Emily McConnell Wells Group emcconnell08@gmail.com 1/16/2017 Realtor
Johanna Lorenzo Keller Williams johanna.lorenzo@kw.com 1/24/2017 Realtor
Rebecca Balboni Wells Group rebecca@wellsgroupdurango.com 1/24/2017 Realtor
Katie Cole Coldwell Banker HH katie@realestatedurango.com 1/24/2017 Realtor
Gabi Bergstrom Remax Pinnacle gabibergstrom@gmail.com 1/25/2017 Realtor
Jordan Hawn Keller Williams jordan.hawn@kw.com 1/26/2017 Realtor
Matt Gauthier Keller Williams m.gauthier@kw.com 2/02/2017 Realtor
Jenny Black Keller Williams j.black@kw.com 2/02/2017 Realtor
Jason McCormick Alpenglow Properties jason@weselldgo.com 2/02/2017 Realtor
Mike Wilkinson Keller Williams mikewilkinson@kw.com 2/02/2017 Realtor
Wendy Most Wendy Most Insurance Agency wendy@insuredbymost.com 2/07/2017 Affiliate
Gordon Rhodes Harmony Real Estate gordon.rhodes@icloud.com 2/09/2017 Realtor
Casey Bennett Coldwell Banker HH casey@realestatedurango.com 2/09/2017 Realtor
Andie Fuller Keller Williams andie.durangohomedirector@gmail.com 2/21/2017 Realtor
Mary Martin Rejoyce Real Estate mary@rejoycerealestate.com 03/02/2017 Realtor
Erin Christner Keller Williams erinchristner@kw.com 03/02/2017 Realtor
Jessica Onions Keller Williams jessicaonions@kw.com 03/09/2017 Realtor
Debbie Selbe Exit Realty Home & Ranch debbieselbe03@gmail.com 03/14/2017 Realtor
Casey Baird Keller williams casey.baird@kw.com 03/14/2017 Realtor
Jeremiah Aukerman Keller williams jaukerman@kw.com 03/14/2017 Realtor
Diane Zahorodny Stelio Media LLC info@steliomedia.com 03/16/2017 Affiliate
Brittany McCoy Re/Max Pinnacle bmccoy419@gmail.com 03/21/2017 Realtor
Lynn Sherer Keller Williams lynnsherer@kw.com 03/30/2017 Realtor
David Peterson Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s dpeterson@lpwsir.com 03/30/2017 Realtor
Jerid Cabot Bayfield Realty jerid@bayfieldrealty.com 04/03/2017/2017 Realtor
Bert Perry Coldwell Banker HH bert@realestatedurango.com 04/03/2017 Realtor
Sue Foster Foster Valuation Company sue@fosterval.com 04/04/2017 Appraiser
Patrick McManus PMC Appraisal pmcdurango@gmail.com 04/17/2017 Appraiser
Jeanne Batza Independent Broker jmbatza@icloud.com 05/04/2017 Realtor
Bryant Chavez Keller Williams bryantchavez@kw.com 04/27/2017 Realtor
Andy Gustafason Keller Williams andrewgustafason@kw.com 04/25/2017 Realtor
Darla Karle Keller Williams darlakarle@kw.com 04/11/2017 Realtor
Christina Hoy Wells Group christinah@wellsgroupdurango.com 06/06/2017 Realtor
Kathy Krafthefer Durango Realty kathyk@frontier.net 05/30/2017 Realtor
Michael Mitchell Keller Williams mrmitchellco@gmail.com 05/15/2017 Realtor
Elizabeth Woods Keller Williams betsy.woods@kw.com 05/15/2017 Realtor
Shane Sigle Alpenglow Properties shane_sigle@hotmail.com 06/12/2017 Realtor
Millie Mummery Coldwell Banker HH millie@realestatedurango.com 06/13/2017 Realtor
Thomas Nell Exit Realty Home & Ranch lapspeed1@gmail.com 06/19/2017 Realtor
Teri Hansen Gateway Mortgage Group teri.hansen@gatewayloan.com 06/26/2017 Affiliate
Michelle Unruh Integrity Real Estate and Lending tcbeverday@icloud.com 06/26/2017 Realtor
Milo Witte Re/Max Pinnacle mwitte54@gmail.com 06/19/2017 Realtor
Kim Rodgers Re/Max Pinnacle mydurangorealtor@gmail.com 06/19/2017 Realtor
Ashley Truitt Coldwell Banker HH ashleyt@realestatedurango.com 06/27/2017 Realtor


Gail Rush Highland Realty Bayfield Realty 11/17/2016 Realtor
Melvin Rush Highland Realty Bayfield Realty 11/17/2016 Realtor
Katie Sturm Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s International Keller Williams 12/08/2016 Realtor
Danielle Enea Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s International Coldwell Banker HH 1/5/2017 Realtor
DeeDee Kendall Coldwell Banker HH Century 21 3/16/2017 Realtor
Jesse King Alpenglow Properties Wells Group 3/30/2017 Realtor
Curt Harper Keller Williams Durango Realty 5/1/2017 Realtor
Jonathan Bell Exit Realty Home & Ranch Century 21 5/25/2017 Realtor
Jim Class Exit Realty Home & Ranch Century 21 5/25/2017 Realtor
Melissa Glick Exit Realty Home & Ranch Century 21 5/25/2017 Realtor
Marilyn Thorsen Exit Realty Home & Ranch Century 21 5/25/2017 Realtor
Leisa Leland Divergent Realty LLC Century 21 6/13/2017 Realtor
Gary Muller Garacey Group LLC Caver & Associates 6/22/2017 Realtor
Keith Mazur Coldwell Banker HH Keller Williams 6/22/2017 Realtor


Vanessa Holgate Roberts Silverton Realty 1/5/2017 Realtor
Isaac Lynde Ind. Broker 1/16/2017 Realtor
Kathy Krafthefer Junction Creek Realty 03/02/2017 Realtor
Wardine Lee Caver & Associates 03/02/2017 Realtor
Justin Griffin Coldwell Banker 03/07/2017 Realtor
Caitlin Miller Glacier Realty 03/07/2017 Realtor
Kim Rodgers Remax Pinnacle 04/03/2017 Realtor
Michael Rudd Exit Realty Home & Ranch 5/1/2017 Realtor
Casey Bennett Coldwell Banker HH 5/30/2017 Realtor
Casey Baird Keller Williams 5/30/2017 Realtor
Chris Wherry Durango Mountain Realty 6/8/2017 Realtor
Drew Corcorran Legacy Properties West Sotheby’s 6/22/2017 Realtor