2017 SUPRA Key Billing Information

We are quickly approaching your billing date and want to remind you that you may go to https://supraweb.suprakim.com for billing information, or to make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This link can also be accessed from www.supraekey.com. If youhave any questions, please contact Supra support specialists at 877.699.6787.

The Key Fees for 2017-2018 are:

XpressKEY before tax = $235.08 per year

XpressKEY Insurance (optional) = $29.95

XpressKEY with Insurance before tax = $265.03 per year

eKEY Basic Service before tax = $16.26 per month (Please note that current key holder’s fees will increase.)

Activation Fee for all new keys = $50.00 one time

The due date for your annual invoices will be 04/17/17. All agents being issued an new XpressKEY after Sunday, 03/12, will be charged the full annual fee in addition to the prorated fee for the balance of the current year.

In other words:
• Anyone who has an XpressKEY assigned to them in SupraNET as of close of business on the 12th will be receiving an annual invoice.
• Anyone who is assigned an XpressKEY for the first time on 03/13 or later will not be invoiced, and therefore will be charged the new annual fee up front when they get their key.

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